Hi! I’m Karin.

About Me


I help busy people who struggle to lose weight and get healthy reclaim their body and reach their highest potential.

The fact that you’re reading this leads me to believe that you’re smart, creative, and resourceful. And though you’ve imagined a different way of living and showing up in the world for some time, you’re stuck.

You would like to prevent diabetes, lose weight, regain energy, fix digestive trouble, eliminate brain fog, or increase athletic performance. But there’s no instruction manual that’s made with YOU in mind.

Maybe you’re not sure which path to take. Or maybe you do, but feel paralyzed in your quest to get there, pushed or blown back by overwhelming obstacles or conflicts. You may even feel like you’re the only one struggling and no one can relate to you. It may be that you know what to do but are paralyzed by feeling overwhelmed, or that you’re not sure which path to take, or you might even feel like you’re the only one struggling and no one can relate to you.

I get it. I’ve been there. I know firsthand that it can be hard (even painful) to take those first steps, especially under the crushing weight of confusing, often conflicting, information. I know that it can feel completely isolating when your friends and family don’t ‘get it’.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And I know you’re here for a reason— You want something different.

Deep down you know that there’s no quick fix, miracle pill, or trick that will magically create the body and life you want overnight, and you won’t find any of that nonsense here either. What I have to offer you is different.

My programs are unique in that I don’t just tell you what to eat and send you on your way. I dig deeper to get to the root of the issue, using principles of functional medicine. Together we determine the diet that is best suited to your needs; and identify other lifestyle factors that are impacting your health, weight, and performance.

PLUS, (and honestly this is sometimes the secrect ingredient) I also help you get underneath the psychology of why you think you can’t move forward, how you’re undermining your own self-confidence, and why your relationships continue to get in the way of you creating what you want.

My clients proceed through a series of steps to get them where they want to be with their health.

Each client takes a personalized path towards optimal health with my 5S criteria In mind (Simple, Segmental, Sequential, Strategic, and Supported) which usually results in their initial complaints being resolved or at least significantly improved. I want that for you too.



My Mission

Is to inspire and support as many people as I can to take a courageous step forward in taking ownership of their body and their life so that they can live more productive, confident, vibrant, and happy lives.

What My Clients Are Saying . . .

“I have not slept this well in years! For a long time I had a terrible time falling asleep and would also wake in the night and not be able to fall “I have done weight watchers, counting endless calories, and nothing has ever worked. No one has taught me what I really wanted and needed . . . How to eat and eat right! I am an Italian and until Karin I never realized how my life was surrounded by food emotionally and physically. My life changed when I started meeting with Karin. I became healthy. No more bloating, no more shakes from low blood sugar, and most of all migraine free (I would suffer from migraines 2x a week) . . . I’m down 4 jean sizes and mentally and physically fulfilled. I was finally listened too and taught how not to live life around food! This wasn’t a weight-loss program. This was a life-changing program! Thank you Karin.”

Renee E.

Salon Owner

“I signed up for Karin’s 90-day Transformation because I felt like crap and I wanted my life back. My Type 2 diabetes was out of control, my cholesterol was high and so was my blood pressure. I was afraid I was going to die or lose a limb. With Karin’s help I lost 15lbs and my doctor took me off 4 of my 5 medications. My cholesterol and blood pressure are now normal and my blood sugar has come down dramatically. Karin saved my life & saved me money.

Kevin G.


“Karin’s signature program helped me to lose 30lbs, take 5 inches off my waist, and go down 3 full dress sizes— plus a shoe size! No more emotional eating, no more insomnia, no more cravings, and no more knee pain!”



“I had lost my edge and belief in myself. I couldn’t get anything done at work, my brain was failing me, I had no energy, and I had completely lost my self confidence. I was scared I’d be fired if something didn’t change soon. After working with Karin I felt light years better. My energy level improved, I started getting into a new grove, and everything started coming together. With Karin’s help I created a new ‘normal’ for myself. Less anxiety, no more GI problems, more motivation, and more confidence. I went from almost losing my job to taking the lead on a huge project. And I hit it out of the ball park! 


Sales Manager

Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough?


This Is Your Invitation


I believe there is an art and science to healing the mind and body. Today’s conventional medical model is a disease-centered approach, treats isolated symptoms, and is oriented towards acute care. Functional medicine on the other hand, is an integrative, science-based, patient-centered approach that seeks the root causes of malfunction in the body that lead to disease.

My practice is rooted in functional nutrition with an emphasis on looking at the ‘whole’ person. I identify opportunities to make subtle shifts that offer the biggest results with the objective of striking a balance between comfort and challenge for my clients. Reframing limiting beliefs and allowing my clients to choose the best strategies that work for them personally creates do-able steps that lead to inevitable success.

When we meet you’ll soon discover quickly that I come to our sessions without judgment and that I hold you with sincere compassion. I believe there’s no shame in any struggle that you might be faced with and invite you to be curious about your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Together we’ll cross the river of transformation, one stepping stone at a time.

Want to find out for yourself if my programs are right for you? Sign up for a FREE private 15-minute Initial Consult Discovery Session and I’ll help you get crystal clear on what your vision is for your health, body, & life, determine what’s getting in the way from you reaching your goals, and help you determine your next best steps— even if it’s not working with me. And if not, I’ll do my best to suggest other options that may be better suited for you.